Clinics We Offer



Clinic held twice weekly for any patients requiring regular INR checks. The clinic is run by Sister Maureen Lewis. Please ask at reception for more details.


Contraception & Family Planning

Contraception - confidential service provided by all the partners on all methods including emergency contraception. Teenagers are welcome.

Family Planning clinic - with Sister Maureen Lewis. Services include pill checks, Depo-Provera plus reviews, high vaginal swabs and chlamydia screens. She also issues Levonelle for emergency contraception and carries out coil checks (six weeks post insertion and annual reviews). Dr Locke also offers a service providing long acting contraception including coils and implants.

a baby lying on a bed

Child health Clinic

Weekly clinics are run by Dr Giles and Dr Magara.


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Cervical Smears

By appointment with a practice nurse.



Cryotherapy Clinic

Monthly clinic for the treatment of warts, small skin tags and verrucas using liquid nitrogen. This treatment is not recommended for children under 12 years. Please see a doctor first for referral to this clinic.

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Minor Surgery

Please consult a doctor about any moles, lumps or bumps that concern you, as these may be suitable for removal at the surgery.



Weight Management

Advice and support from our nurses.


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Well Person Clinics

Well Woman clinic - run by Sister Maureen Lewis. Appointments can be made for cervical smears, to discuss hormone replacement therapy, and for general health checks.

Well Man clinic - by appointment with our practice nurses.